Candle Making Classes

Candles + Music x Experiences = Umi Say

While music is the inspiration behind our scents, the foundation of our company is the experiences. This is why our approach to candle making class is different. We have designed our classes to be informative as well as interactive. You will learn the proper technique of hand pouring while creating something unique and memorable that you can be proud of. 

Attendees will be guided through the candle making process in a fun and interactive way. We welcome small groups as well as individual persons for our open classes. Tickets for open sessions are sold individually with availability up to 8 people per class. If you would like to request a private group session, please contact us by phone or email to submit your request. If you’d like something more intimate, we also offer private couples sessions curated specifically for you and yours. Elevate your candle making experience with optional couples massages, spa services, and catered food and beverage. 

Candle making doesn’t have to be boring

If you drop in to one of our open sessions or you're having a night out with friends, this will definitely be a time to remember.

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