I Heart Monday [Room Spray]

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With a distinct body of bay coconut flowing over the sweet middle notes of vanilla and pineapple, this scent immediately peaks curiosity.  Mellowing out with a light musk, I Heart Monday is a well rounded fragrance appropriate for any home or work space.

Mondays have gotten a bad rap for far too long!

Created in partnership with DJ Tyler Prime this fragrance lends its name from the “ I Heart Monday '' radio show, which is rooted in jazz music, accompanied by smooth R&B and lo-fi beats. 

Scan the QR code on your product to experience these Monday vibes any day of the week you choose.

3.4 oz frosted glass bottle
Instantly brighten any room or home fabric with just a spray. 

For rooms/spaces: Mist 2-3 pumps into air (covers approximately 6ft area)
For fabrics: Mist 1-2 pumps over your favorite bedding, couch, or throw pillows to add a long lasting scent.  
 *We suggest first testing on inconspicuous area of fabric before regular use.